Industrial Safety Products for Your Industry Applications

Safety must be top priority regardless of your specific industry. Although work conditions vary depending on industry and job tasks, providing for workplace safety means having the right tools, equipment, and accessories your employees need. This can include everything from protective ear and eye wear to gloves, respirators and safety matting specifically designed to keep your employees protected from injury and illness. At Class C Components, we provide an extensive range of industrial safety products to fulfill your specific needs for safety regulation and compliance.

Safety Equipment and Supplies

Whether it involves managing your safety department or keeping your shelves stocked with industrial safety products, we provide all the industrial safety protection gear and supplies you need to run a highly effective and efficient risk management operation.

Keep your personnel and visitors safe and protected by staying stocked up with the extensive array of safety products we offer at Class C Components. Our selection includes industrial safety mats, industrial safety gloves, industrial safety hard hats, industrial safety fall protection equipment, industrial safety clothing, and more. We serve various industry sectors, including those requiring construction safety, fire safety, lab safety and manufacturing safety. Our products can help you keep your safety protocols and facilities in compliance with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards.

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Using the appropriate industrial safety products in your workplace can help you and your employees avoid unnecessary workplace injuries. At Class C Components, we offer a comprehensive range of safety equipment and supplies for your workplace. Find out how we can serve you with the safety products you need, call us today at 763.535.0400, or email us at