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If your requirements involve improving your process or product, we can assist. Adhesives are applied to bond substrates through the process of adhesion and cohesion. We supply industrial adhesive solutions that provide you with optimum convenience, performance, and reliability regardless of the challenging application you face.

Our team at Class C Components can suggest and sample an adhesive solution that fulfills your requirements for flexibility, strength, viscosity, and environmental conditions.

Industrial Adhesive Suppliers

As one of the leading adhesive suppliers in the United States, Class C Components understands that each project is different. We collaborate with our adhesive manufacturing partners when it comes to sourcing the best adhesive technology for each specific application. We leverage our vast manufacture network and distribution expertise to maximize our customer’s bottom line and manufacturing efficiencies.

Structural Adhesive Products

Our selection of industrial sealants and adhesives includes aerosol, anaerobic, anti-seize, cyanoacrylates, epoxy adhesive, hot melt adhesives, light cure UV, primers and accelerators, retaining compounds, adhesive sealants, silicone adhesives, solvents, structural, and thermally conductive adhesives.

Consider sourcing your structural adhesives from the distribution experts at Class C Components. We have all of the adhesive and sealant solutions you need for your applications, whether it involves 3M structural adhesives, adhesive accelerators, or anti seize products. We specialize in delivering these parts to you on time to keep you up and running.

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Using the right adhesive and sealants can mean the difference between outstanding or poor results. At Class C Components, we are your premier option among experienced adhesive distributors. Give us a call today at 763.535.0400 or contact us via email at