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Efficient Custom Kitting Solutions

At Class C Components, we provide a comprehensive range of kitting services on-site in which we package individual parts of your product into a kit and deliver the kits to be used for packaging or assembly of your product. Our knowledgeable and experienced team assemble kits accurately, efficiently and to your exact specifications.

Our Custom Kitting Services Increase Efficiency

When manufacturers compile their own parts, they can lose considerable time and productivity in the process. Through our on-site kitting services, we can manage the time-consuming complex tasks involved in the kitting process. We prevent lost and misplaced parts, unnecessary errors, and the general confusion which can be common when dealing with large volumes of parts. Our kitting services streamline the entire process, saving you time, increasing productivity, and help to contribute to a smooth business operation.

Other Benefits of Kitting Services

The benefits included in part kitting solutions are a reduction of assembly costs, more efficient utilization of space, faster production cycles, and more. Let the distribution experts at Class C Components show you how kit part packaging and faster assembly operations enable your company to maintain and increase your competitiveness over time.

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If your company needs custom kitting solutions for your product assembly operations, vendor managed inventory and other third-party logistics operations, our parts kitting team at Class C Components can help. For more information, call us today at 763.535.0400 or email us at