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Listen to your mother, put on your coat.

When you pick up a steel fastener you are most likely not actually touching the steel with which the bolt, washer or nut is made of. Rather, your fingers are…

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Chrome Plated Nuts and Bolts | Class C Components

Brief Look Into the Distribution of Fasteners

Fasteners are not a recent invention. These devices have existed for many centuries and play a key role in a seemingly endless number of manufacturing and construction applications. At Class…

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Delivery Van and Class C Components Logo | Class C Components

What is a VMI Program?

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) consists of an efficient method of managing inventory and fulfilling orders. Significant collaboration between suppliers and their customers, such as distributors, OEMs, retailers, and product end…

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3M VHB Tape | 3M Scotch Weld | Industrial Worker | Class C Components

The Benefits of Using 3M Structural Adhesive Tapes – VHB Tapes

Very high bonding (VHB) tapes are constructed from an acrylic polymer material that forms a single substance. They are often used in furniture manufacturing, construction, aerospace applications, outdoor signs, and…

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Kit of various fasteners | Class C Components

What are Kitting Services and the Benefits of Parts Kitting?

A third-party company may be called upon to perform a service referred to as kitting. It involves gathering individual parts of a product together into a "kit," and sending that…

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2 Plated bolts and washers with intact red fastener tamper detection markings | Class C Components

Fastener Tamper Detection Marking

What are Fastener Tamper Detection Markings? Also known as torque markings, tamper detection markings provide Class C Components' customers with visual proof that their torqued down fasteners have not moved…

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Fastener Guides

Class C Components Fastener Guide

The Fastener Guides contain valuable information to utilize when choosing fasteners for your OEM and/or MRO applications. Let our guides be a starting point for Engineering, Product Development and training. Our…

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