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ISO 9001 Certified Company Incorporated in 1995

Class C Components Timeline

“the personal touch”

After repeatedly witnessing the level of customer service provided to small and mid-sized OEM’s and sub-contract manufacturers deteriorate when their existing industrial supplier began working with larger scale companies, Jill Zoschke-Luckraft, Bruce Gorecki and Rick Borg set out to offer a better solution; Class C Components.

In 1995 Class C Components was founded on a commitment to meet the industrial supply solutions for OEM, sub-contract manufacturers and MRO markets while providing and maintaining a level of service and flexibility that was unmatched. They called it “the personal touch.”

Adhesive Bandages

The depth of product lines available to be put on a VMI program with Class C Components is among the most extensive in the industry. Did you know that even adhesive bandages can be added?

Starting in a small, leased warehouse in New Brighton, MN, Class C Components offered industrial supply solutions, VMI programs and On-Site Kitting based primarily around fasteners. With a customer-centric decision-making process, Class C Components realized that their customers would benefit from increased supplier consolidation and began to disrupt the industrial distribution arena by greatly expanding the line items traditionally offered on VMI programs and managed inventory solutions.

Today, Class C Components has grown to offer one of the most extensive, product rich VMI Programs in the industry, providing well over 50K different SKUs. More products can be successfully added to a VMI program with Class C Components than with many other industrial suppliers. And the best part is, Class C Components has stayed true to the commitment they made all those years ago… providing an unrivaled experience in industrial distribution, answering calls with voices, not voicemails, that personal touch!

What all can be added to a VMI Program with Class C Components? Contact your sales representative today to find out!

Fasteners: Aluminum | Brass | Bronze | Metric | Nylon | Pre-applied patch | RoHS Compliant | Stainless | Steel | Zinc

Secondary Process Specialists: coatings | painted heads | platings | pre-applied

We utilize cutting edge data collection software for VMI customers via one device (camera, scanner, mobile phone) with the fastest product scanning order transmission speed from your facility to our facility. This provides up-to-date, accurate supply line visibility and customer friendly usage reports.

A VMI program with Class C Components will reduce: accounting | freight | inventory | procurement | purchasing | receiving | sourcing costs.

Not looking for a VMI Program at this point in time?

Class C Components also offers dock-to-dock, dock-to-stock distribution of hundreds of manufacturers; as well as Custom Labeling and Packaging, Engineering and Procurement Sourcing Support and On-Site Fastener and Parts Kitting.

Inventory Management Specialists, On-Site Parts Kitting Department / Custom Packaging, Fastener and Assembly Components, Supply Chain Solutions

  • Class C Components continually invests in our corporation and employees to mutually benefit the company and our most important ally our customer.
  • Climate Controlled Warehouse
  • Complete product traceability to the Manufacturer, Lot and Order Origin
  • Constant Stock Rotations and Shelf Life Evaluations
  • Continuous Inventory Cycle Counting
  • Coordinate Product Training with Manufacturers
  • On-going investments in hardware, software and technology to streamline data and transaction costs from our facility to our customers business
  • Promote from within the Organization
  • Quality: ISO 9001:2008 Certification in June of 2010; ISO 9001:2015 Certification in April of 2018.
  • Superior customer service, calls answered with voices not voicemails.
Class C Components

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